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July 20, 2011

Yup, I spelt them right this time !

I suddenly twigged, once I had got away from my computer after writing the previous story about the poisonous ASDA DOUGHNUTS that have given me the severe squits for a few days, what actually was the cause of that uncomfortable feeling  I had something was wrong about what I had written.

It was that bloody American spell checker telling me the way to spell DOUGHNUTS was Donuts, or perhaps even Dohnuts – as in Doh, a popular word Americans now seem to communicate a lot of what they have to say to each other with, having taken lessons in how to speak eloquently from ubiquitous dumb cartoon character Homer Simpson.

Sod  off you useless American spell checkers. You are a total pain in the backside !

Anyway, after starting going on about those awful  ASDA DOUGHNUTS which had made me so ill, I was too tired to make another observation about them I had wanted to make because it was the middle of the night; about 3 a.m. or something. So, here is the rest of what  I planned to say about a very unpleasant doughnut experience. A typical hazard of our Modern Times, where Big, Blundering, Bossy Business constantly finds new ways to cut corners and make even more profit by degrading the quality of every product we buy from them ! (more…)



July 17, 2011

Wowsers, I am ill and feeling very sorry for myself. I am also very,very cross about it.

I feel a bit like a hangover, but worse. I have a bruise-like pain in my lower abdomen which hurts a lot when I walk or even just move. And I have a sort of hangover feeling in my head – but worse; and I am as weak as a baby.

Overall it feels vaguely similar to having a temperature. The bottom line is it is extremely difficult to get anything done. Forcing myself to be active doesn’t get me very far because that is what I have done and I am just completely inefficient about doing anything. It’s just not worth trying really. I am really really weak. I stumble around. It’s a bit like being immersed in a great vat of sticky treacle which makes any movement a huge effort.

But, this grotty feeling has a very precise cause, and I know exactly what (more…)