As malevolent cameras follow you everywhere you go about your lawful business Britain as a ‘free’ country is fast becoming a delusion as a creeping police State encroaches on everyday life with arbitrary arrests and court summonses for trumped up charges of trivia


Late last night the savagery of Britain’s Orwellian, evil, creeping Police State added to all the other miseries our nasty, invasive, busy-body army of Government employed bureaucratic parasites have inflicted on me in recent times.

I was suddenly, quite out of the blue, with absolutely no warning whatever, arrested, given a thorough dose of police bossiness and intimidation with all the usual standard threats police make to intimidate their victims and   then I was taken to a police station.

There, I was  interrogated and forced to answer various questions which were recorded as ‘evidence’ to later use against me in court; whose basic aim would be to discover some pseudo-legal justification for further persecutions of some sort of ‘punishment’ – a fine etc etc; more of which later.

I had been ‘seen’ by the automatic number plate recognition camera in a police car which informed the police I was driving without a driving license and therefore  without insurance and must be instantly arrested.

But the curious thing was, that I was entirely unaware of being without a license because I had taken the trouble to pass my driving test many years ago to become the proud possessor of a driving license, and had never yet had any sort of blemish on it, having always driven with exemplary care. So, I knew I did have a driving license which was at this very moment tucked firmly in my wallet which was in my pocket.

The immediate result of this gross infringement of my personal freedoms and liberties  was to terrorise my twelve year old son who was in my car with me, who was naturally traumatised by having his father arbitrarily arrested, forced to abandon him, taken into custody and whisked away to a distant police station for no apparent reason; suddenly leaving the boy by the roadside  without his one and only parent, with only the vaguest  hope that he might be looked after by an adult sister living nearby.

Some other really nasty inconveniences inflicted  were his older sister, heavily pregnant with her first child, and her husband, were prevented by these breathlessly self important  government employed  thug like bullies from going to bed until 4 a.m.

They both had to be awake less than three hours later for work. The husband had only just started a brand new job, thereby making it criminally pig ignorant for him be forced to go into work in a state of zombie-like tiredness which might be an open invitation for his employers to get a really bad impression and merely encourage them to fire him for being unreliable.

It is also just plain nasty to wantonly and pointlessly  inflict completely unnecessary physical and mental stress for no meaningful reason whatever  on heavily pregnant women. It merely encourages miscarriages – which frequently leave life-long mental scars.

Other little bits of nastiness inflicted were both the boy and I didn’t get to bed before 4 a.m.; and we both had to get up just two and a half hours later to get the boy to school on time. He obviously wasn’t really going to learn much at school that particular day in the state of tiredness he was in. So a small, but significant dent in his education was inflicted on him  by this State inspired nastiness and mindless interference in everyone’s personal freedoms.

But, that is only just the beginning. More nastiness is to follow in an endlessly meandering thread of wickedly time consuming nonsense which is going to go on and on like a bad dream for months and months of nightmare bureaucracy. It will also involve me losing significant amounts of money I will be forced to spend on all sorts of extra expenses as well as totally unjustified ‘fines’. All that in my financial situation of being well below the poverty line and unable to even feed  and clothe my son or myself properly.

So, what do you think was the cause of all this. What had happened that I should be treated to being criminalised by the full force and fury of the ever watchful Orwellian Big Brother State. What, indeed, had actually happened  to cause all this vicious unpleasantness ?

Oh, I forgot to mention the other final bit of immediate rather severe unpleasantness I would have to endure as well, starting immediately !

I would not be allowed to drive my car at all as of that moment of arrest. Dumped by the police  at about 1 a.m. in the small hours of the morning back where they had originally stopped me in my car after they had finished interrogating me at their police station, they expected me to either walk the thirty miles back to where I was staying, or camp out in the Tunbridge Wells railway station for the rest of the night with my child until the trains started running again in the morning to take me back ‘home’.

Being deprived of the use of my car would also mean my entire life would be in a state of paralysis because I depended completely on my car for virtually every daily function that I was obliged to undertake. Taking my son to school, shopping, scouring the countryside looking for accommodation to rent so we  would no longer be homelessness, and many other vital everyday functions of a similar nature. Daily life would simply become impossible without  being able to use a car.

So, my crime ? Well, no real crime at all really. What had actually happened was that I had been twice photographed by those money making speed cameras doing about five or six miles an hour over a thirty mile limit, artfully imposed on a wide and open ‘A’ class main road in the middle of nowhere.

A place where nobody would reasonably expect a speed limit and where it was virtually impossible to slow down quickly enough to avoid being flashed by these nasty little money grubbing speed cameras.

Make no mistake; they are mostly motivated by local Council greed and the small minded stupidity and control freakery exhibited by these parasitical waste of space apologies for human beings who control ever increasing parts of our lives in their frenzy of obsessive compulsive disorder-like behaviour they direct at everyone else.

They seem to need to behave this way to make them feel important and adequate as people, because they are often  themselves so grey, boring and utterly inadequate. That is why they like to be so busy and so bossy telling everyone else what to do all the time; relishing in the power they have to punish us all for not doing as they tell us as though we are all naughty little children to be smacked hard and viciously by these idiots and sent away to bed with out any supper !

If you think really carefully about this particular breed of poisonous human detritus you might realise they are that same group of people to be found running every repressive State throughout history. It is these very idiots that many Arab peoples are this very day in armed and violent rebellion against because they cannot stand any more of it. It is why Britain is currently engaged in an actual war, now at  this very moment, against a moron ruler of Libya with his army of repressive bureaucrats who have supported his milking the whole population of Libya for everything he can get over the past several decades the notorious Muamaar Ghadaafi has had his iron grip on Libya.

Loads of other repressive States spring to mind, far too many to mention; all only being able to exist by means of a class of unpleasant bureaucratic idiot perverts who dance like puppets on strings to the will of a dictator and his cronies to force the rest of the population into miserable submission to the will of the ‘State’.

Mugabe, the comically demented little wizened monkey of Africa, and another handful of other African States too, the list just goes on and on when you start thinking about it. It is a truly depressing indictment of how human civilisation has barely advanced in tens of thousands of years.

All governments seem to contain greater or lesser amounts of this repressive force which can only exist with an army of self interested bureaucrats to support it and force the population to meekly comply with those corrupt people in charge at the top of the food chain of graft, greed and corruption which exemplifies Governments throughout history.

Oh, I forgot to mention just why I am so enraged at my two speeding ‘offences’.

Putting aside any arguments about whether there should be speed cameras and a speed limit at all at that particular spot where I was trapped ( a spot which has been reported in the national press for being notorious for clocking up literally millions of pounds in fines on unsuspecting motorists and which was generating such outrage and disgust that they have now been abandoned and dismantled and a whole speed camera thieving department closed down in Wiltshire as well). Putting all that aside and being just prepared to accept these two minor fines, I would not be so angry. But read on. It just gets worse than you might think.

I was NOT convicted of speeding with the first offence. I was, instead, convicted of failing to inform the authorities I was the driver of the car at the time. So instead of being fined just £60 and having only two points on my license, I was fined £525 and £50 costs (that‘s just really a £575 fine ) and I was given 6 points on my license. I was completely unaware of being given any points on my license at all and enraged at being convicted and fined for something else other than the original speeding fine. Something I had never been guilty of at all.

I had, indeed, informed the authorities I had been the driver. I actually wrote them very long letters of complaint about how totally unreasonable it was that I had been summoned for such trivial speeding in odd circumstances where it had been impossible to be able to not be speeding in that particular and unusual case.

These self same authorities had even written back to me acknowledging these letters in which I clearly stated  was the driver. I had also taped at least two telephone conversations with these jokers at the court offices in which I tell them I am the driver. I have all this evidence; and yet they just dreamed up this fantasy of me not informing them I was the driver so they have an excuse to milk me for five hundred pounds more than would be legal as well as give me a huge amount of points, more than drunk drivers often receive.

The second ‘offence’ was almost exactly the same as the first in that they fined me another £500 plus pounds with another six points on my license because I had failed to inform them I was the driver. Well, this time it was true, I had failed to inform them – because I had been deprived of any ability to deal with the issue because I had been thrown out of my house with nothing but an overnight bag in my possession and nowhere to live.

That was because all this happened after I had been evicted several months ago from my house to be dumped in one sleazy bed and breakfast doss house dump after another.

I simply did not receive any mail from the court beyond an initial notification of the fact I had been clocked by a speed camera; no court dates, no nothing. And I was eminently unable to deal with anything at all  anyway after being evicted for the simple reason that when something as awful as that happens to you, your whole life simply stops, as so many others in similar circumstances have said.

You become paralysed, unable to do virtually anything at all ! I no longer had any access to anything at all that I possessed, and so could do absolutely nothing abnout anything. Life just came to a halt as it became reduced to a daily battle for basic survival.

Everything I possessed had been removed from me and put into storage by the local council, who have now anounced they have ‘seized’ it and will be ‘disposing’ of it. Another sort of State sponsored theft where government employees will no doubt help themselves to my possessions as they see fit.

What a vile country Britain has become where this venal kind of government behaviour happens on an everyday basis to many, many persecuted and dis-advantaged individuals. !


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  1. auntyuta Says:

    Dear single Dad,

    I don’t actually like this post, I mean I don’t like what is happening to you. I’m glad you have an adult daughter as well as a twelve year old son and son-in-law. I can understand you’re quite worried that you put too much on your daughter, who’s pregnant with her first child. Anyhow, I wish her all the best with her pregnancy. All the best to your son-in-law too. I hope his new job is working out all right.

    I am sure your son’s doing very well with his studies, having such a well educated dad! Your daughter may be more resilient than you think. Anyhow to look forward to your first grandchild should be a good experience!

    You are such a good writer. You express yourself very well. I just wish you’d have something more positive to report for a change. Maybe all your experiences might make a very interesting book if you can mix it up with some more positive experiences. Maybe some of the things that upset you immensely, could be told from a different point of view. If you try to step back a bit from your anger maybe you can then approach everything in a somewhat objective way. Or alternatively you could try to write some fiction and dream up a more just society! Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    By the way I am a great-grandmother living in Australia. Love Uta

    • Single Dad Says:

      Thanks for your concern AuntyUta.

      I don’t like what is happening to me either ! that’s why I am writing about it. And you ain’t seen nothing yet ! I just haven’t had much time to write anything much at present – which is frustrating because there are so many things that have been going on.

      Basically, most of all this is about the simple fact I became a ‘client of the State’ thirteen or so years ago when I made the decision to be a full time parent bringing up my son instead of farming him out to be looked after by an endless succession of childminders. His Mum had become too ill to either look after him or even be with us.

      Being a ‘client of the State’ has really opened my eyes to just how poisonous the State is because every contact I have had with it has been tainted with fraud, corruption & complete incompetence.

      I think people ought to know what really goes on with these jokers; that is why I am writing this blog. there’s certainly lots more to come.

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