I desperately need ‘help’. Despite being relatively intelligent & well educated, of the profession & middle classes, I need ‘help’ from someone or somewhere because I am completely flummoxed by the tidal wave of incomprehensible and malign bureaucracy which is assaulting me from all sides.

“Flummoxed’ is a rather too polite & diplomatic way of describing the problem really. Persecuted and driven to despair by having every attempt to live a normal life thwarted by small minded fools employed by various organisations, mostly government ones, who have invented weirdly convoluted Kafka-esque ‘rules’ to force me to spend my entire time every day battling with, would be more appropriate.

Trying to deal with the demented demands of these Alice in Wonderland ‘rules’ which govern all of my everyday life at the moment, is quite impossible.

I just do not know how to deal with it; what the ‘rules’ are and so on; what ‘forms’ to fill in; what ‘applications’ to make etc. And there is no-one to explain how to go about complying with this time-wasting nonsense.

For some things, I need a lawyer to advise me on how to use legal procedures and law to force malign people to stop behaving illegally or with a blatant disregard of the everyday rule of law, who are wrecking my life and my child’s life.

That is what lawyers are for. They know the law and how to use it; the ordinary citizen does not, which is why they employ the specialist knowledge of the lawyer who will know how to deal with legal problems the ordinary person does not.

But lawyers are expensive; £100 per hour just the starting point, £300 per hour more realistic. I have no money whatsoever. I am surviving only on State benefits as an ‘unemployed’ single parent.

I say ‘unemployed’ which is not exactly true. I am unemployed in the sense that I am not working to earn an income; but actually I am frantically busy every day ‘employed’ ’ to work long hours to deal with the poisonous effluent of bureaucracy the State is pouring over me and my son.

There is no time for left for anything else in life. I have no leisure at all. I spent next to no time with my son because I am too busy for him. All I do is fill my hours trying to cope with the rubbish which has been inflicted on me.

This is a very unpleasant way of life. It is a wasted life.

But, back to the thorny question of lawyers. Of course everyone will say that if you have no money at all and you are in receipt of State benefits, you are able to obtain ‘legal aid’  – which is government funding to employ the lawyer of your choice to deal with your pressing legal problems.

This is simply a lie. The government is deceitful because the reality is the ‘rules’ of legal aid which lawyers themselves are faced with are so nauseating to lawyers that lawyers simply refuse to take on cases from any members of the public who only have legal aid funding to deal with their legal problems.

So, the government sanctimoniously tells the penniless person with a really serious legal problem to sort out that of course they will be able to have a lawyer represent them. A list of locally available lawyers is then presented with a self important flourish to the applicant with an announcement that the sorting out of the legal problem now rests with the applicant choosing a lawyer who will then do all that is required.

The government has done its job of supplying a method of funding for lawyers to be employed and it is now up to the applicant and the chosen lawyer to get on with it.

The problem is, when the individual wanting to use a lawyer to pursue a legal matter of possibly some great life changing importance, he finds that all of the lawyers on that long list the government official gave him somehow come up with a wide variety of excuses why they cannot take the case on. Usually they just say they are too busy to take on another case; but often they use more creative excuses like ‘they do not specialise in that area of law’ or something similar.

The bottom line is, therefore, that poor people who cannot find £100 per hour and more to employ lawyers are completely deprived of any possibility of legal representation.

They are then wholly at the mercy of every nasty minded dishonest bureaucrat, charlatan,  thief and general evil doer who chooses to break the rule of law to disrupt and damage the lives of other people who then have no means of protecting themselves.


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