I have just learned the local council is planning to steal the entire contents of my house.

My twelve year old son and I were evicted from our home by the evil, grasping sub-prime mortgage lender Southern Pacific Mortgages Limited or SPML for short.

This bunch of thieves was a subsidiary of the dishonest bank Lehmanns Bros which caused the Worldwide financial disaster which we are still struggling with today, with rapidly increasing job losses and poverty everywhere.

So, the council sent me a letter telling me why they have a legal obligation to re-house my son and I, then announced at the bottom of the letter that I have made myself ‘intentionally homeless’. They told me this was because I bought my house with a mortgage nine years ago.

They said they were ‘gobsmacked’ – yes, they used that exact word –  that I had actually bought a house because, in their opinion, I should have known I ‘would never be able to get another job’  – their exact words again – because I was a single father bringing up a child alone and I was in my fifties at the time.

The council told me they were of the opinion I should have spent all my cash left over from the sale of  my previous house on just renting a house until all my money ran out. Then, they said, I would be eligible to claim ‘housing benefit’ from the State and have my rent paid for in that way.

Now, they have sent me ‘section 41’ legal notice telling me they are seizing the entire contents of my which they had taken into storage and will be selling it all.

I am stunned at this blatant act of theft.

This is the United Kingdom today; venal, corrupt, nasty and brutish – full of evil,, lazy, incompetent bureaucrats destroying everyone else’s lives.


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