Oh, my fellow Wowsers, have I got a tale to tell you !

I don’t think you could make it up really. Truth is stranger than fiction they say, and I wouldn’t dare invent all these events and expect anyone to believe it all – unless it was all true. But it is all true, and I can prove it; so here goes.

I’d like to start at the beginning, but that was a long time ago, so it can wait while I just catch up with the present – somewhere in the middle of the story, so to speak. Anyway, I’m too tired and too busy right now to think all the way back to that beginning some thirteen years or so ago.

In a way, it started even earlier than that I suppose; when I bought a run down house in London and experienced my first bit of Council nastiness from the notorious London Borough of Haringey Council, a thoroughly unpleasant bunch of individuals.

But more of all that later. This is today, July 5th 2011, so I’ll start there. Here goes.

An introduction needs only to be brief to say it all. I’m a struggling single Dad, bringing up my son alone. No Mum around to help out at all, no-one else either for that matter.

I’ve had to give up work to look after my son, and that meant surviving on ‘benefits’.

It has been difficult. Difficult enough for all the obvious reasons, but made much more difficult by the pernicious nastiness of all sorts of officialdom, mostly the State. That laughingly described ‘Welfare State’ which is in fact completely rotten and poisonous, administered by lazy, unpleasant bureaucrats with no decency or commonsense whatever.

This is about my experiences of these parasites and the gradual realisation we no longer live in a free country at all, but a country blundering blindly towards becoming an Orwellian 1984 type nightmare police state where the individual is persecuted and constantly punished by the unreasonable demands of inadequate, pompous, self seeking petty little failures of people who derive their livings from leeching off the public purse like bloated parasites – the bureaucrats.

They are employed by the state in a giant job creation scheme to pointlessly interfere and annoy everyone else with a meaningless bureaucratic nightmare and waste unimaginably vast amounts of money the rest of the population are forced to pay them by being taxed ‘until the pips squeak’.


5th July 2011

My twelve year old son was late for school today, only arriving for the afternoon session, because of the various difficulties of us trying to function living out of just a couple of holdalls for several months while being shovelled around from one sleazy Bed and Breakfast establishment to another.

Specifically, all our clothes are inaccessible , being in storage and now also, apparently the property of the local Council who appeared to have seized them for their own benefit & have indeed informed me of that.

So when the one pair of school trousers The Boy currently has with him came apart at the seams today, owing to age, I had no access to the several other pairs of school trousers he owns, which have now been seized by the Council & which we no longer have access to, along with all his other clothes.

So I was obliged to spent the first part of today dragging The Boy around from shop to shop to buy another pair of school trousers for him to wear before he could go to school. I also had to spend a considerable amount of time shortening the trouser legs far too long leg length by sewing up the bottom hem of the legs.

There are virtually daily difficulties getting him to school on time because of the ludicrous way of living as homeless victims of the rather bizarre State bureaucracy which is spending at least three times as much per month as a 100 per cent mortgage would cost for my ex three bedroom house we were recently evicted from as a direct result of both State corruption & mal-administration aiding & abetting the fraudulent mortgage industry.

If you think that last paragraph sounds like a statement of fanciful paranoia, you may be exactly right; never-the-less it is a fact, just like the insane announcement by the local Council that they now possess all my property.

more later………../


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2 Responses to “THE DAILY GRIND”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Have you managed to find a lawyer yet? I used to do legal aid housing cases and I cannot see how they can sucessfully run their inteionality argument. Make sure you ask for a review and if necessary a county court appeal. Get some good advice, wishing you well.

  2. Single Dad Says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    Shelter dealt with asking the Council for a review. Of course they didn’t change their mind.

    Then Shelter didn’t wait for me to make any comments/representations on the psuedo legal argument from the council quoting judgements which I read & they simply didn’t relate to my circumstances. Shelter just passed the papers to ‘their’ solicitor ( I suspect he was just any random solicitor they got hold of, not an in house one). This character must have taken a cursory glance at the nonsense legalese ( I really do think it was nonsense) & he said a CC appeal had ‘no merit’. Rubbish.

    I want to do something about it, but am finding life completely impossible and it is impossible to get anything done at all at present.

    There is a lot I would like to say but it will have to wait.

    The situation I have found myself in is more surreal that you could possibly imagine.

    It simply defies belief.

    But it will all come out here eventually !

    My problem is getting hold of a lawyer. It has so far proved completely impossible.

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