It is right suddenly unemployed/ill people should receive housing support to prevent the nasty minded lenders throwing them out on the street within a few months – which is what they generally try and do.

But the housing benefit system is utterly, utterly poisonous because it costs the taxpayer a fortune, lines the pockets of the lenders & completely fails most people falling on hard times. I know this because I have experienced it.

Because the mother of my three kids fell permanently & very ill I was obliged to look after three very young kids & one adult needing 24/7/ care. I could not, therefore, work.

The DHSS started off paying all the mortgage interest in full. Then they made an error & stopped it, forcing me to re-mortgage with the filthy sub-prime lenders.

This sent me into a spiral of increasing debt & poverty as the sub-prime thieves milked me for everything they could get. They are truly disgusting people.

I experienced four repossessions in courts & four very unwanted forced & entirely fraudulent re-mortgages with the sub-prime sharks in an effort to keep a roof over the heads of my family. The sub-prime lenders were blatantly fraudulent in many ways.

This was all despite me being in receipt of State benefits & even housing benefit.

I found that the DHSS housing benefit system is entirely immoral, devious, and conjures up truly ludicrous ‘rules’ which make a complete nonsense of the whole system.

Although I should have remained secure in my house according to the law relating to benefits, the morons who administer the benefits system made things up as they went along and abused the law to some extent to make me (and many many other people) become unnecessarily homeless through their abuse of process.

So, I have lost about £800 000 equity in my home which I could have used to permanently support myself & family instead of now permanently claiming benefits (probably until I die – which might be in forty years time) at taxpayers expense.

That is criminal behaviour by the idiots who administer the benefits system. All they have done is ruin me, and cost the taxpayer a monstrous sum of money and line the pockets of some very dishonest mortgage lenders.

I can substantiate all of this in vast detail, if anyone wants me to. It really is quite criminal.

It is also the case that this whole ghastly experience of the state benefits system has prevented my from getting back to work (which I would have been able to ) and to inflict rather serious illness on me due to extreme stress.

Here are some little gems on how the ‘rules’ of housing benefit ‘work’.

– Unemployed people receiving DHSS income support will get mortgage interest paid up to a mortgage loan of £200 000. But only any new claimants. Any previous DHSS income support housing benefits recipients remain in receipt of the lower original rate and will therefore be evicted and made homeless by vicious & unprincipled lenders because there will be a shortfall of mortgage interest which is not going to be paid by the DHSS.

So, the DHSS has invented ‘rules’ specifically designed to circumvent paying housing benefit which prevents huge numbers of unemployed people being able to remain secure in their homes. Unimaginable stress, & financial loss is experienced and many, many people are forced into further and long term unemployment and poverty by the very state benefit system which is supposed to help, but doesn’t.

Instead this state benefits system continually manufactures more and more money wasting schemes at enormous cost to the taxpayer. The benefits system almost certainly generates more deprivation and poverty than it prevents.

I know of someone with a mortgage of only about £10 000 on a central London flat worth £500 000 and because they are unemployed and unable to pay this tiny mortgage, they are being taken to court by a rapacious sub-prime lender who wants the court to order eviction and a forced sale incurring severe loss of equity to the hapless homeowner. Evil & nasty – or what ?

– Another mindlessly destructive & charming ‘rule’ the mentally retarded benefits system has dreamt up to halve housing benefit overnight to people in receipt of it is, that any recipient of income support with housing benefit supporting a mortgage up to the £200 000 ceiling must be forced into receiving a weirdly differently named benefit called ‘pension credit’ when they pass the age of sixty.

And, guess what ? the nasty little bureaucrats have somehow contrived to produce a ‘rule’ which says that people receiving ‘pension credit’ cannot receive housing benefit to support a mortgage of up to £200 000, but they can only receive housing benefit to support a mortgage of only £100 000.

So, overnight, someone who is secure in their home suddenly faces losing it to a rapacious mortgage lender evicting them in just months because the DHSS have suddenly arbitrarily halved their housing benefit. Just because that person is one day older and has turned sixty years of age !

I also know of a case where the local council told a single parent that the council had decided they did not, after all, have any legal obligation to ensure the parent & child were housed by the council as the law states is the case.

The single parent was about to be evicted from their home by a sub-prime lender and made homeless with their child to somehow look after on the streets.

The reason the council gave for this decision was that it was the council’s opinion that the single person had deliberately made themselves homeless because they never should have bought the house with a mortgage eight years previously !

But of course it wasn’t really the council, it was just a spiteful, corrupt and nasty, dim little local government employee who decided to abuse the rule of law.

How incredible is that ?

Then there was my own experience of mortgage rescue whereby everything went smoothly until the final hurdle. Then the housing association simply invented a tissue of lies to claim the house needed all sorts of work doing on it which it quite plainly didn’t.

So, for the sake a about five thousand pounds shortfall only, the miserable, miserly, thoroughly nasty little bureaucrats managed to deny my my legal right of mortgage rescue and home security just because the housing association didn’t like the government forcing them to take on ‘mortgage rescue’ properties willy nilly.

This five thousand pounds could have remained as a debt against me for me to pay off, or it could be divided amongst the four parties to the transaction who all stand to lose a great deal more if the mortgage rescue does not go ahead & I am evicted & made homeless. That would be just £1250 each – a mere fraction of the losses all would incur if the mortgage rescue fails to go ahead; It is amazing how unpleasantly stupid they are!

– The lender who will receive considerably less money through a forced sale.

– The local council who will incur vastly inflated housing & other costs.

– Me, (& child, whose entire future will be compromised) who will become homeless and lose all my possessions (worth tens of thousand of pounds more than that five thousand pounds mentioned above).

– And the housing association who will lose out on receiving ownership of a house for £200 000 when it is patently worth at least £260 000 or more, thereby making an instant profit of £60 000 plus.

This is a real case of government corruption and the state ‘cutting of its nose to spite its face’ so to speak; being wantonly spiteful, bureaucratic and wasting as much money as it is possible to at every opportunity. As well as create the maximum amount of misery and inefficiency.

It is simply staggering what they all actually get up to !

This is the country we are living in today. It is run by an army of nasty, lazy taxpayer money wasting idiot bureaucrats, mostly put in place by years and years of corrupt Labour Governments.

Frankly, David Cameron and the Coalition Government can’t fire enough of these evil, moron government employees fast enough for me.

We would all be infinitely better off if the entire lot of them were sacked and they lost their jobs permanently. Most of them were never worth employing in the first place and all they have done is destroy the country in a myriad of different ways.

They are all, collectively, an utter, utter waste of space !


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