I feel like exploding with frustration at the ghastliness of State employees, taken as a whole. They create an Orwellian nightmare of huge proportions and gigantic expense – our expense, taxpayers expense; every man woman and child in the Country has to pay for these nasty people to interfere with and damage all our lives in millions of different ways.

Some of these State employees each contributed their little bit to my own nightmare experience of them through their appalling behaviour, a behaviour which is encouraged and is endemic throughout the entire body of State employees – about 40% of the entire workforce of this country, I believe.

Over the past few decades the State has hijacked our lives and diminished them enormously by grasping control over so much of our daily lives. The behaviour of the State is disgusting and evil.

People who have little contact with State interference in their lives express utter incomprehension of how it could it all happen. They represent that portion of the population who have not had the State intrude into your lives in such a grossly destructive manner and so cannot understand just how poisonous it is.

The awfulness of the wide variety of State employees I have came across who were the cause of the disaster I have experienced just takes my breath away. The dreadful, incompetent and lazy social workers, the brain-dead, mindless tax office workers, ditto benefit office workers – the whole machinery of the State is utterly, utterly appalling.

My situation was created bit by bit with a State employee at every stage behaving like a total moron. I cannot explain the whole thing adequately without writing out the entire story from the beginning and using at least a couple of hundred thousand words to describe each little incident.

That’s where the frustration lies. I would like to do it, but it is a big job and then, who would want to read it all anyway ? (mind you, if David Cameron read the whole story he might just learn how to sort out nearly all the of the country’s problems right now )

Here is a little isolated cameo of the stupidity the State employees get up to which I am dealing with right now.

Three years ago I spent about thirty quid at Companies House to set up the paperwork for a limited company because I intended starting self employment. I was unable to pursue that employment opportunity at that time because of severe illness and related problems making work impossible just then.

Being at the sharp end of real, extreme, poverty I am entirely reliant on ‘benefits’ which includes having my council tax paid. So I get a letter from the council tax benefits ‘fraud investigation department’ telling me they have ‘noticed’ I am a director of a company listed at my address and would I like to telephone them and tell them if this means I am working and in receipt of income.

This demonstrates that Orwellian ‘Big Brother’ snooping is taking place in some form or other which is why my local council tax ‘fraud investigation department’ ((snoopers ?) send me this letter.

This snooping tells me that the State has just spent rather a lot of taxpayers money on this surveillance of me so far. Will it be worth it ? Let’s see.

All the snooper has to do to discover whether I am earning money or not is to look at the records of the company which has just been set up of which I am listed as being a director. Company records at Companies House are public property an can be seen by anyone on request.

The records of this company I set up will show that

(a) – it has never traded , is entirely dormant, and there are no accounts, and,

(b) – it was subsequently dissolved, de-listed and disappeared by the bureaucrats of Companies House in a tantrum when they failed to receive an annual fee and a form for the privilege of me telling them the company was not trading and had no accounts for that reason.

Never mind they had been told by telephone; that wasn’t good enough, bureaucracy must follow its remorseless course at the expense of any form of common sense or reality. This company therefore no longer actually exists.

If the snooper had bothered to look at the records at Companies House, there would have been no need to contact me. But that would not fit in which the job creation scheme that is the council tax department.

I telephone this bunch of clowns, speaking to the very snooper who sent me that letter, and I explained quite clearly that I had intended to attempt self employment to escape the clutches of the loathsome benefits system, but had failed for the present owing to the adverse effects of illness etc, and that this company had never traded, had no meaning at all and I had not been working and in receipt of income.

But that wasn’t good enough for this snooping prat. I had to ‘put it all in writing’ to them. Which I did. I subsequently received a letter telling me my council tax benefit had been stopped and would I like to pay them about two and a half thousand pounds for two years council tax ? A court summons then arrived asking me to attend court to explain why I hadn’t paid my council tax and to explain whether I was liable to pay it or not.

I duly attended court to explain the aforementioned circumstances. The court told me my explanations were of no interest whatever to them, because the court was just a sort of job creation scheme for the magistrates and court staff, along with the council lawyers and other staff attending. The court didn’t really do anything useful or meaningful at all.

All the court did was determine whether council tax liability fell on that particular property and who was the person at that property normally responsible for paying that council tax. The court did no more or less. That is all it did; and that is why is said it was not interested in any explanation of the fact that the council had normally paid itself this council tax as the property owner (me) was on benefits as a single parent.

You might think that as it was the job of the council staff to work out details of who should pay council tax and how much, that the court was mostly an exercise in pointlessness which just cost an enormous amount of money to do pretty much nothing useful or productive at all.

The council tax office staff attending court earnestly furrowed their brows and told the magistrates that I would be able to ‘sort it out’ by speaking to council tax staff. So, the magistrates told me to do just that – to speak to the council tax staff to ‘sort it out’.

Except I can’t ‘sort it out’. It can only be ‘sorted out’ by the stupid council tax staff; and they so far have point blank refused to ‘sort it out’, despite the fact I have written to them in detail pointing out they never had the slightest justification for imagining I was wrongly claiming council tax benefit and they should never have stopped it and should never have demanded thousands of pounds of council tax from a single parent without any form of income except benefits.

The Clerk of the Court, a weasil faced, mean looking woman of great self importance, became very agitated on hearing me explain to the magistrates the woeful incompetence of my local council and leaped to her feet to stop me, telling the magistrates “that I was being abusive of the council staff and I had no ‘right’ to talk like that of council employees ‘just doing their job’ and would their Honours please instruct me to cease my account of what had taken place as it was quite ‘unacceptable and ‘inappropriate’ in this court’.

The council’s latest ploy in their campaign of mindless persecution, paid for by the taxpayer, who has so far stumped up thousands of pounds in this one little item of immensely mindless idiocy, is to send me yet another letter asking me to furnish them will full accounts of the company in question before they will consider paying any council tax benefit. Except I cannot do that as there are no accounts and never have been any accounts to send them.

The council tax snoopers are comprehensive, poisonous idiots.

Meanwhile, this single parent on benefits is clocking up an ever bigger council tax bill which their artfully created ‘rules’ means that even when all this ‘is sorted out’ and council tax benefit eventually rightly re-instated, the ‘outstanding’ council tax demand of thousands of pounds and rising, will still have to be paid by me – because the council ‘rules’ say so.

Meanwhile the bailiffs have already arrived at my front door threatening me with forcing entry into my house and removing all my property and selling it to pay this bill for wrongly claimed council tax.

The bailiffs have even thoughtfully added their own inflated costs to the bill which they will have first claim on when all my possessions are sold so they will get their cut paid out of the proceeds first before the council receive anything at all towards their imaginary claim for council tax.

This story is not an isolated one. I have heard of many, many similar stories of the monumental waste of public money to persecute people of all sorts who come into contact with the State – whether because they are benefit claimants or for other, completely unrelated and very different reasons.

This cess pit of State employed idiots needs to be got rid of. It is they who are responsible for most of the problems this country is experiencing.


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