State Benefits System – The Curse of Our Age

Every day of my life at present is completely poisoned by the necessity of me being forced to drag myself into my ‘office’ ; a bedroom filled with all the usual office rubbish, in particular thousands of bits of aggressive paper from all sorts of busybody, interfering, jobsworth prats forcing themselves uninvited into my life.

They demand I spend my time dealing with their entirely worthless, mostly pointless, intrusions and if I don’t and I neglect them, they punish me by multiplying their nasty workload imposed on me. Simple issues needing only a five minute telephone call can take a full working day of seven hours time because of the breathtaking incompetence and arrogance of large organisations to be able to deal with people.

Computerised switchboards and fobbing off techniques are artfully used to prevent people from even reaching the organisation in question, so it can save money by employing fewer and fewer people.

It is the curse of our age, everything must be brief and truncated; people’s attentions spans constantly diminish because of the increasing demands made upon everyone’s time – whoever they are.
Then, when you finally might, only might, mind, get through to someone, they cannot speak your language and have no real idea of what you are talking about and they have no ability or even authority whatever to deal with your query.

Or they are just plain pig-thick, ill educated, barely adult, spotty faced teenager types who have just left a horribly bad State education system which renders them barely able to read or write and almost completely un-employable and demonstrably useless at even being able to answer and deal with simple telephone calls, which has been the only possible employment they have been able to obtain. Hence their unsavoury and unwanted presence on the other end of the telephone.

The whole exercise turns out to just be a gargantuan waste of time and nothing at all is achieved. And then you just have to repeat the whole process again and again, day after day after day – never actually getting anywhere at all; just constantly multiplying the mounds of absolute garbage you are trying to deal with.

It feels a bit like being forced to voluntarily clock on for a 20 hour shift every day as a Roman slave on a treadmill or galley in the full expectation of merciless beatings and savage treatment.

This garbage entirely fills my life and prevents me from even attempting to work at present. It also prevents me spending enough time with my son and it prevents me from having any form of leisure or doing the bloody gardening chores or cleaning the house – which has become a complete tip as a result.

All these bureaucrats are just plain vermin.

Another problem is absolutely nobody is going to offer me a sensible job in my normal fields of activity, or even elsewhere. So my only option is to create my own job, and that is what I need the time to do and it is what these nasty, small minded and spiteful bureaucrats are stealing from me. They are currently making it impossible to even think of trying to start a business or freelance work etc.

Educated, articulate, managerial types of people are also banned from ordinary menial, or the more junior white collar jobs on the grounds of being ‘too qualified or some such similar rubbish. Actually it is about being too frightening for simple minded employers who cannot cope or manage people who might be able to do their job with both eyes shut and hands tied behind their back.

If you go into those job applications using good acting skills to really think yourself into becoming the different character those more menial jobs demand, I’m sure offers would fall thick and fast. I could do that as I do have those chameleon like skills. But then most of those jobs are unlikely to pay the £20-24 000 net of tax minimum needed to just be able to survive.

The evil intrusions of the State which have built up in the past four decades, greatly accelerated by every Labour Government, and never more so than under Tony Blair and Gormless Gordon, the champion wreckers of British culture and tradition, as well as the all time champion wreckers of the British economy and work ethic, have totally destroyed the jobs market place for everyone.

It is a simple fact that the ghastly benefits system built up under Labour has subsidised employers and encouraged them to pay far lower wages than they would normally have had to pay workers because the employers know that although they are paying wages too low for employees to be able to survive on, the State will step in with a vast range of subsidy benefits to give to the hapless employees.

This enables employers to rely on the State to provide their workers with taxpayer’s money as part of their ‘wages’ which should be paid to the workers by the employer- not the bloody State and taxpayer.

It is a ludicrous system which will now take some time to dismantle, and that is supposing the Government even has a clue about what the real problems are or how to solve them and change this rotten, corrupt, and destructive system of effective enslavement of almost the entire population.

Nobody actually gains anything at all from it. The workers certainly don’t. They are kept on artificially low wages that are insufficient to survive on and are then beholden to the capricious ‘generosity’ of the State which abuses and manipulates the population with an army of poisonous, nasty, control freak bureaucrats who do nothing but manufacture chaos and distress while wasting unimaginable amounts of money on a truly epic scale.

The employers don’t really gain anything in the end either and would be better off paying a proper level of wages to their employees to give them sufficient money to survive on without needing extra handout from the State.

Except the uniquely charmless Machiavellian nature of this vile benefits system is the horrible interdependence it has produced between all the different population groups of the entire country, whether they be employer or employed – or, and this is a crucial link missed by most people – the buyers of all the products and services the employers produce.

It is because wages are artificially low and part paid by the State instead of being fully paid by the employer, that the mass market buyer is forced to buy the cheapest products because of his lack of sufficient wages and his part or even complete dependence on State benefits.

And employers, in turn, are forced to compete with each other and so cannot pay a proper wage as they all have to pay no more in wages than their competitors, otherwise they will not be able to sell their products cheaply enough and competitively enough to survive themselves.

So all this is being forced by the Government benefits system onto the employers to pay ever lower wages, and onto the workers to be dependent on State handouts to survive wages too low to properly live on.

One of the consequences of this evil system is the constant degradation of the quality of all products and services as everyone is forced to collude in this downward spiral of poverty, deprivation and shoddiness in absolutely every area of life. You simply can’t escape from it.

Every single part of the economy has been wrecked by a combination of an appallingly rotten benefits system and corrupt and greedy bankers distorting the entire financial structure.


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One Response to “State Benefits System – The Curse of Our Age”

  1. noobcake Says:

    I think it’s disgusting that an employer will refuse to take on a potential worker because they are over-qualified. Obviously they never come right out and state this fact but it is clearly their reason. In one interview for a menial shelf stacking position at Tesco, I was asked by the interviewer why I simply wasn’t still working as a self employed web designer.

    To me this implied that he assumed I was likely to quit my shelf stacking job when I found a better one suited ot my area of expertise, therefore I was overly-qualified for the job. The fact is that a company advertising an unskilled job would rather take on a talentless moron they assume they can rely on than someone who again they assume will drop the job at a moments notice.

    They give no thought to the fact that I (applying for shelf stacking moronic work) was looking for that particular role as it offered regular hours, regular income, and stability – something my self employment had lost in recent times.

    I think it’s a kind of unspoken discrimination and everywhere I go I get the same result. Stacking shelves isn’t hard. So maybe I should be altering my CV to state that I have been unemployed all my life, I have no qualifications or skills, that I come from Poland and am prepared to work 100 hours a week!

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