I was propelled unwillingly from being a modestly prosperous middle class Tory voting professional type into the benefits cess pit because my partner became ill with schizophrenia.

There were three children to look after, one a baby; and then there was one mad woman to look after as well. Mad people tend often to be a full time job a lot of the time – particularly when they are busy being a raving psychotic.

I’ll never forget the night my stepdaughter opened all her 10th birthday presents I had bought for her. I spent the entire evening trying to persuade my partner I was not the King of Norway and therefore I was not in a position to sell Norway to her. For some reason she thought it was really important for her to buy Norway and thought I would be able to sell it to her.

In the end I actually found it easier to say yes, well I may possibly be the King of Norway, but if I was, I certainly wouldn’t want to sell Norway to her because then I would no longer be King of anything, would I ?

Curiously, she seemed to understand this far more readily that my previous denials of being King and owner of Norway, and her madness turned in some other direction.

Anyway, back to the benefits cess pit.

Either I looked after this lot – a nine year boy, ten year old girl and one year old baby and raving lunatic of a mother who heard voices and was in a permanent state of raving psychosis and a very great danger to herself, her children and others, or I legged it, abandoning all of them to the State.

I chose to look after them. But this meant there was absolutely no possibility of me working. So, I became dependent on benefits and saved the State a fortune it would have had to spend on looking after these four individuals.

There would also have been the long term costs of dealing with the almost inevitable delinquency the children would grow up into after going through a life of care followed no doubt by a life of crime and prison etc. at enormous cost to the State.

Me on benefits as ‘carer’ for this lot was a very cheap option for the State. And, for the sake of convenience, I will limit this discussion to money only.

I had a mortgage, so all the mortgage interest was paid. I was secure and did not face homelessness or other housing problems. As a person who once had two homes his own business and a small ocean going yacht, the benefit income was not exactly generous, but it did keep us going for the moment – just !

But, then the maliciousness of the State bureaucracy started. In a simple telephone call I had made to the housing benefit department to make a routine enquiry I was asked how I paid all of my mortgage, because the State only paid part of it.

I replied that I had been a relatively well off person before this personal tragedy wrecked my life and I lived in a five bedroomed London house full of expensive things like antique furniture, so I sometimes sold possessions like that to make ends meet.

The spiteful, nasty, brutish little bureaucrat on the other end of the telephone sort of spat down the phone that I was ‘dealer’ because I sold my possessions, and he announced that all my benefits would instantly be stopped and the DHSS wanted me to forward all my bank statements and all other financial documents so they could commence an investigation.

So, suddenly no income at all, a huge mortgage and three children with a mad mother to look after.

Tricky !

What happened next was :

My mortgage lender, the Alliance & Leicester behaved ludicrously badly, telling me, and I quote “We will get you thrown out of your house”. The Alliance & Leicester were deliberately as unhelpful and as aggressive as possible and literally forced me into re-mortgaging in the sub-prime market .

So, having no idea of the dishonesty of the banks and the mortgage market, I became the victim of one dishonest sub-prime mortgage after another, facing four repossession actions with four separate mortgages; each one costing a fortune and eroding my equity away to nothing and grinding me into the ground.

Then, recently facing my latest eviction from my house and facing the reality of homelessness with my young son, my local council tells me it considers it has no legal liability to help me with re-housing because it considers I had made myself ‘intentionally homeless’.

How is that ? Because in the opinion of this smug little bureaucrat with the responsibility of making this decision, it was their (personal) opinion that I should never have bought my present home ten years ago with the eighty thousand quid left over from selling my previous house, and then borrowing the rest with a mortgage.

No. What I should have done in order to make myself eligible for the council to accept their legal responsibility to re-house me as a single parent with a young child when I am shortly evicted by my criminally inclined mortgage lender (a subsidiary mortgage lender owned by those sub-prime crooks, Lehman Bros), what I should have done is just have rented, not bought a house and used all that eighty thousand quid paying the rent until it all ran out and I had no money left at all to pay the rent.

Then I would be eligible to receive housing benefit to pay the rent and I would not have been evicted for failing to be able to pay a mortgage and therefore I wouldn’t have become homeless.

So, you can see just how I willfully and deliberately made myself homeless, can’t you ?

I just hadn’t been sufficiently dependent on the State and I had committed the sin of trying to be independent and claw my way out of complete poverty by trying at least to own my own house instead of being entirely beholden to the State for them to house me and my child in some horrible slum of a sink estate or something nasty like that.

So, the bottom line is, I have been defrauded of about £800 000 – that’s eight hundred thousand pounds – of home equity by a combination of the maliciousness of the benefits system bureaucrats (who obviously take against people like me with posh middle class accents). That is what I would currently have if I had not been forced unwillingly out of the house I had spent fifteen years renovating and where I actually wanted to continue living.

That money had also always been intended to provide me with a pension, and so I no longer have any pension and no prospect whatever of being able to get a job again – ever.

That being entirely because I am now 63 years old and despite the fact I am going loopy without working and am fit and able to work etc, it looks completely improbable – particularly in my particular profession.

Abusing the poor and disadvantaged is nothing new. It has always been the speciality of the Government whether Tory or Labour.


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  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    I love your blunt honesties in this post – outing names, though didn’t like your disrespect in referring to your wife as ‘busy being a raving psychotic’ & lunatic in the offhand way you did. Seemed disrespectful (and calling your children ‘this lot’). This is possibly though, our differences in lingo.

    I feel so sure you’d have a court case here, I really do… A personal vendetta of a shitty with their life worker should never infringe on your rights and benefits. I really think you should sue for them not taking duty of care.

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