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State Benefits System – The Curse of Our Age

October 29, 2010

Every day of my life at present is completely poisoned by the necessity of me being forced to drag myself into my ‘office’ ; a bedroom filled with all the usual office rubbish, in particular thousands of bits of aggressive paper from all sorts of busybody, interfering, jobsworth prats forcing themselves uninvited into my life.

They demand I spend my time dealing with their entirely worthless, mostly pointless, intrusions and if I don’t and I neglect them, they punish me by (more…)



October 28, 2010

I was propelled unwillingly from being a modestly prosperous middle class Tory voting professional type into the benefits cess pit because my partner became ill with schizophrenia.

There were three children to look after, one a baby; and then there was one mad woman to look after as well. Mad people tend often to be a full time job a lot of the time – particularly when they are busy being a raving psychotic.

I’ll never forget the night my stepdaughter (more…)


October 27, 2010

The house is different this morning; quiet, empty feeling. The boy is not here. It’s just me and the dog. He is having a ‘sleepover’ at a friend’s house after spending yesterday evening at his friend’s Halloween birthday party entertainment at a farm turned theme park.

It’s unnaturally peaceful; there is a promise of being able to start bringing order to the chaos a hyperactive small boy produces as he goes through each day in a whirlwind of constant picking things up, dismantling them, re-arranging them, removing them from their allotted homes, losing them, breaking them and generally producing a state of screaming disorder.

I can do anything I want without the manic dread of being constantly interrupted by the boy’s insatiable demands and constant need to talk non stop at breathless speed without pausing for breath or having the patience to allow me to say anything.

But then, when I go to turn on the radio, there is a tiny little doll’s house size skittle shaped just like a small bottle balanced precariously right on top of the on- switch.

It is impossible to turn the (more…)


October 24, 2010


Don’t you believe it ! It’s no picnic being a single parent living in the poverty of State benefits. It is unpleasant, brutish and nasty.

I am a single dad struggling to survive a system of State benefits that are sanctimoniously described as a ‘support’ system for people on hard times, but in reality are a nightmare which inflicts misery on those people it is supposed to ‘help’ and ends up destroying people’s lives.

The bureaucrats responsible for administering this system of State benefits are poisonously inefficient and mostly couldn’t care less about the unnecessary misery they inflict on their victims.

The more senior civil servants responsible for translating the legislation generated in Parliament think nothing of making up convoluted, pointlessly labyrinthine ‘rules’ to act as a framework for doing what Parliament intended.

If this means wasting hundreds or even thousands of millions of pounds of public money, meanwhile ensuring the poverty struck recipients of State benefits remain in total poverty while this public money is squandered, so what ? Who cares. These civil servants certainly don’t care how much of our money they waste.

This blog is intended to tell the story of my struggle to survive as a single parent after my son’s Mother became seriously ill with schizophrenia when he was born. I have had absolutely no support or help from anyone at all. There has been no family helping out and no other help either.

There have been many surreal experiences as the State has exhibited its unthinkingly totalitarian brutishness of breathtakingly Orwellian dimensions.

This is the story of my struggle against the State’s determination to completely destroy my life with it’s army of unpleasant, politically correct, self important idiots being paid vast amounts of taxpayers money to interfere in people’s lives and destroy the freedom of the individual the United Kingdom used to be famous for.